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Newest African Violet Varieties


mySensation - myViolet Series

The vivid green blooms last up to six weeks and an individual plant in a 4" pot may have up to 120 open blooms at one time. With the addition of Space Violet genes for continuous blooming, this variety is truly a step into the future of African Violets.

The new mySensation was first shown to the public on last year. It was an instant hit, with thousands of likes and shares. We decided to release for 2014-2015 by leaf. It will take time to hit stores, stock is being propagated for retail distribution.

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Southern Belle African violet

Rhapsodie Ingrid

Not your average pink double, these unique
blooms are often triple, with over 20 petals.

Her rich green, red-backed foliage is in perfect harmony with the bright pink bloom color. The flowers feature thick, rounded petals that resemble a miniature rose. Ingrid's bloom center often has a symmetrical, decorative bowed shape that makes her an exquisite new addition to the Rhapsodie series of violets..


The myViolet Series - myDarling

The "darling" thing about her is the dennim-blue eye and light frills on white tipped petals. This matches well with her serrated, red-reverse leaves. This variety is a profuse bloomer with great color contrast.

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Southern Belle African violet

Rhapsodie Lucia

LUCIA has deep blue-violet petals on top and a smooth gradient to a lighter shade on the lower three. An energetic new violet that is both simple and sophisticated.


The myViolet Series

The new “my” series of African Violets bring a new unique series of bi-color blooms to the Violet offering. All of these varieties have the multi-florescence trait bred into them that allows the plant to produce many more blooms than standard Violets.

"Each of the varieties adds it’s own special splash of color to the Violet world”. This is an exciting new breakthrough. Individually or as a group, this new series stands out in the crowd.

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Southern Belle African violet

The Southern Belle Series

The Southern Belle Series is a collection of new African Violets characterized by bell-shaped flower blooms in light pink (IsaBelle) and pale blue (AnnaBelle).

Each variety as it is develped will be named in the Southern Belle tradition.
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Artist's Palette

The 6" EverFloris Series

EverFloris is a series of Optimara Violets comprised entirely of varieties developed from the Optimara "Space Violet" program.These seeds orbited for 6 years in space on NASA's LDEF satellite!

Compared to most standard African Violets, EverFloris Violets are bigger and easier to grow, with larger, fuller blooms that flower continuously. Click the link for a variety detail of EverFloris violets.

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Artist's Palette

The Artist's Palette Series

The Artist's Palette series is a collection of new African Violets characterized by large flowers and unique patterns of color that appear to have been brushed on. Thus, the name "Artist's Palette."

Each variety commemorates the name of an artist,
such as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Hiroshige and Van Gogh.

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