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Genetic Trait


The "skin" of African Violets is not always uniform in color or complexion. At times, you may see red or white spots on either the leaves or the flowers. At other times, you may find traces of green on the flowers, especially on those that white or bi-colored. Very often, these are merely genetic traits and, as such, are harmless to the Violet. Such traits may be permanent, or they may only be temporary.


The red or white spots, whether on the leaves or the flowers, appear as part of the plant tissue rather than as a growth, such as Botrytis or Powdery Mildew. Genetic "spotting" should also not be confused with debris, such as dust or ash which may have settled on your African Violet. If the discoloration appears streaked instead of spotty, you may have another problem such as Cyclamen Mites, Thrips or a Virus. However, a more serious problem will most likely also exhibit more serious symptoms.

Treatment and Prevention

There is no treatment or prevention for a genetic trait. However, the trait may turn out to be temporary. This is often the case with young, white or bi-colored flowers that suddenly exhibit traces of green. As the flowers mature, there is a strong chance that the green will disappear.

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