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Pesticide Damage


Pesticide Damage is a condition which describes the various visible side-effects of treating African Violets with chemicals. Though many of the symptoms of Pesticide Damage cannot be treated, almost all of them are temporary. Most symptoms will disappear as your Violet grows new leaves and flowers. Keep in mind that, even if you have not applied pesticides yourself, your Violet may nevertheless be suffering from Pesticide Damage. This is especially the case with new Violets, since most commercial greenhouses adhere to a routine spraying schedule.

Distinguishing Symptoms

With experience, many experienced growers have learned to recognize Pesticide Damage when they see it. Short of this, it will be difficult to diagnose Pesticide Damage without knowing with certainty that your Violet has been treated with pesticides. However, by ruling out other possible causes, you might be able to infer Pesticide Damage from the symptoms you are seeing.

Other Symptoms


Pesticide residue can be removed with a soft cloth soaked in water or rubbing alcohol. Other damage cannot be corrected, but will disappear as your Violet grows new leaves and flowers.


Always use pesticides with caution and only as directed on the label. Where possible, use non-chemical treatments.

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